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Web Hosting - Application Form

To get started with hosting your domain please fill out the following form. Each order is manually processed and may take up to 24 hours for your service to start. Remember that if you are unhappy with our service in the first 30 days we will refund all of your money. After 30 days we will prorate the service and refund you the difference. You can cancel at anytime and we will prorate your refund. We only bill yearly to help keep our costs under control.

All fields are required except for company name.
First Name
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Your domain name is the name that you purchased from or site that offers that service. Your domain name is something like For more information on domain names click here.
Domain Name
The following username and password will be the main login for your account which will give you access to the control panel of your website. Do not enter a username of an email address you want to use, this will cause an overload of spam mail to your email account. Write this information down so you don't forget them.
What email address would you like setup right away? Please enter them in the following box with a space between the email address, the password and a return carriage after each address. Once these email addresses are setup you will be able to recieve your email online or from a program like Outlook, Outlook Express or any other POP3 email program. You will be able to login later and add, delete or update any of these email addresses.

Email Addresses
Enter email_address (space) password
Example: hotdog

That is all we need to get started. We will manually add your site and contact you via email (the email address you provided as your "current email address") once your domain is ready for use. That email will provide you with all of the login access points including FTP and your Control Panel. The email will also include your billing information. Your payment has to be made with 20 days or your domain will be suspended until your invoice is paid.
Please review our hosting policy by clicking here. I agree