Custom Nook Development

What is NOOK? Nook is a product offered by Barns & Noble - you know the book store people. Stop by Barns and Noble's website to learn a little more about this full color tablet. It's about 8" wide so it's pretty easy to hold and your thumbs can still reach to the center of the screen if you are holding it landscape mode.

Barns and Noble has a huge selection of products for customers to choose from (Books, Movies, Games, Toys, etc). They have millions of shoppers through their site which means a lot of potential sales for your app. With our cross platform app development process this is a major add to the list of devices your app will work on.

Samples of our mobile apps can be found on Tornado Games ( which is our online gaming site. To jump right to our mobile section - click here. We also have a multi-player engine that can be added to your game so your users can compete against their friends - to see it in action - check out iPoker Mix.

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