Custom Kindle Fire App Development

What is Kindle Fire? The Fire is a tablet that was developed by Amazon. The original tablet was called the "Kindle" but a few years later they developed the "Kindle Fire" which offers a lot more than just the ability to read books. It has a full color screen and the ability to play games, read books, play music, watch movies and a lot more. It's almost like a computer but in your hands. It's a pretty slick machine, it's not the fastest processor in the world but they are always releasing new versions which is improving the speed of the Kindle Fire so your custom app will run great.

The Kindle Fire is backed by one of the biggest websites in the world - They originally started by selling books but that quickly changed into selling all sorts of items - games, books, toys, clothing, etc. As time went on they entered into the digital age and started selling MP3 music and digital movies and TV shows. They have millions of customers that are browsing through their online store. It's a great market to be part of.

You can see our mobile games by stopping here - you will be directed to our gaming site called Tornado Games which features online games and mobile games. We have developed a multi-player engine that we can setup for your app which will allow players to compete against each other. Check out iPoker Mix to see the multi-player engine in action.


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