Custom iPhone App Development

What is iOS? iOS is the operating system used on Apple's "i" devices. Those devices include iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini. Each device basically functions the same and most apps will work on all devices. Overall the iOS family of products are pretty solid - the battery life is amazing compared to other hand held devices, the devices don't seem to have "locking up" issues as much as other devices and they are very slick looking.

When building a custom app for iOS you can either program the app as a native or not native. A native app means that you program the app using the preferred programming language for the device. For iOS, this means you program in Objective C within the Xcode environment. The language is not horrible but it is a little wordy. When compared to other languages that work on iOS devices, we have found that the development time is cut down by 30% or more because the other languages are better at cleaning up their own memory leaks and the languages are not as wordy. We always try to convince our customers to allow us to program in either Flash Builder or HTML 5 which saves them money and gives their app the ability to work cross platform. Cross platform means the app will run on iOS and other devices like Droid and Kindle Fire.

To see some of our apps stop by Tornado Games which is our gaming site that features our online and mobile games. To see the mobile game - click here. We do have a social engine that we can use to develop your game for multi-player use - check out iPoker Mix to see how the multi-player system works.


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