Custom HTML5 Game Development:
Programming Custom Games - Yeah, that's our passion! We love the challenge of building games. OK, fine, we are geeks, nerds or whatever you want to call us but this is our job and our hobby all wrapped into one. Not many people can say that. HTML5 is just one of the programming languages we use to build our customers' games. HTML5 has it's short comings so its not always the best choice but if you need it done in HTML5 we can help.

What is HTML5?
Basically, HTML5 is based on JavaScript which has been around for many years. I remember working with JavaScript back in 1995 when the internet was born - yeah -it's that old (I guess that makes me old too - darn!). The HTML "people" had a meeting and decided that they needed to expand the functionality of HTML to be a more robust language so they developed more useful tools for JavaScript and set a standard for all browsers. The standards were set so all browsers work the same when reading the code. OK, that part didn't work out, the browsers all have their little differences on how they handle the JavaScript code so when we develop for HTML5 there is a lot of testing that needs to be done to make sure it works on all of the major browsers. Overall HTML5/JavaScript is a pretty powerful programming combination and it's perfect for smaller games and mobile apps. HTML5 works on most computer browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc) but it also works on mobile browsers (iPhone, Droid, Kindle, iPad, etc) which makes it a little more powerful than Flash or other programming languages. We only have to build the game or app once and it works on most of the devices in the world. The other nice thing is that the app or game can be hosted on a website so when you update the program you only have to post it to one location and everyone gets the update. That saves a lot of time during the update process.

Getting Started:
Drop us an email giving us a rough idea of what your HTML5 game or custom HTML5 app needs to do and we will do our best to propose a final price based on the information you send over. We do have samples of games we can show you but they were done for other customers and we don't have permission to post them to the web. We can direct you to a secure area on the web to show you our work.

More on Custom Games and Apps?
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