Custom Droid App Development

What is Droid? Droid which is short for Android is a lightweight programming language developed by Google. Lightweight doesn't mean "weak" - in fact it's a very fast and powerful programming language. As I'm writing this, I believe more than 50% of the phones on the market today are Droid based which means there is a huge number of people waiting to download your custom app.

We can build your game in the native language for Droid but we always steer our customers away from that because if you go native your game/app will only work on Droid devices. Instead we push for cross platform development using either Flash Builder or HTML5.

Stop by our custom game/app webpage for more information or view some samples of our work at our gaming website called Tornado Games - see the mobile section by clicking here. We do have a social engine so we can develop your game for multi-player use - check out iPoker Mix to see how the multi-player system works.

There are many devices that use the Droid OS (Operating System) including phones and tablets. If you are bored and want see some of the devices - just type in Droid Based Devices in your favorite search engine and the list will go on for a pretty long time. When we submitted our last game to Google Play the game could be played on 2,221 devices. That's a lot of customers... waiting for your custom built app.


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