A Brief History.......
Jetacer Interactive LLC was formed in 1994. The original path for the company was to build websites. Now, if you think back to that time the internet was just getting going and most people didn't understand what a web site was. We started with simple web designs and by 1995 we started getting involved with Perl which was a programming language for server communication between the website and a server. By 2000 we started our gaming adventure by forming www.tornadogames.com. Most of our time since 2001 has been spent building games. In 2009 we started building mobile games for the iOS platform using Xcode and Objective C. In 2012 we expanded our designs to include apps and games for iOS (Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), Droid Phones, Kindle Fire, Facebook, Web Sites, Windows and Mac through the use of HTLM5 and Flex Builder.

We provide the following services - Click to learn more.
Custom Droid App Development
Custom Kindle Fire App Development
Custom iPhone Development (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini)
Custom Web Design
Affordable Domain Hosting

Services we offer include:

Apps and Games for pretty much any computer and device on the market. We have even built games for customers that have custom devices. We worked closely with them to determine which programming language would work best for their device. We originally started programming test games for them in Python and then finally decided on G++.

Web Site Design

Affordable Web Hosting Solutions - and a friendly voice to call when you have questions or problems.


Programming Languages We Use:

Flash ActionScript- AS3, AS2 and AS1 - we have been using Flash since version 3 back in 1999.
Flash Builder (formally known as Flex Builder).
Objective C
HTML5 - Great for cross platform development

If you are looking for a dependable company to program your app, game, website or you need web hosting services please contact us. We will take the time to understand your project's needs and layout some ideas on how to accomplish the goals you have. We are an affordable company that enjoys doing honest work while achieving your needs.

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