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Applications and Games

We develop custom business applications and custom games that work across multiple platforms using a variety of programming languages. Some of the languages we typically use are PHP, C++, G++, GML and JavaScript. The list doesn't stop there because some customers need their applications developed in a particular programming language, so we have also programmed in Python, CGI, Perl, Visual, Java and Next to meet their needs. Stop by our gaming website, Tornado Games to view some of our games. If you are looking for a custom application or game, drop us an email or phone to discuss the options. More information.

Web Design and Hosting

Looking for a new or updated website? Get in touch with us to explore different solutions. We offer a variety of options, from simple to complex with database driven solutions, we have you covered.

Domain hosting is another service we offer. We have reduced rates for hobby and non-profit clubs. Some of the clubs we work with pay a flat fee per year and we maintain the site for them. When they need something changed or updated, they simply email us and we take it from there.

More information.

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